Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a term used to describe artwork composed of a combination of different media or materials. In quilting, it is most often seen in Art Quilts and Collage work. Quilters create the fabric they want use in their quilts with a wide variety of paints, inks, pencils, crayons, stamps, gelli plate prints, stamps and photos on fabric.

Benefits of Mixed Media

  • Mixed Media allows the quilt artist to design and create the fabric they want to use for their quilt.
  • There are many products, services and techniques used to get the detail, color and impact desired by the Quilter.
  • Options can be as easy as drawing details on an applique block to painting the quilt top and printing photos on fabric.

Supplies and Tools for Mixed Media

Quilters have access to a vast amount of Mixed Media to use in their quilts. The supplies and tools needed are based on the media selected.  Additionally you might need the following:

Work Space - plastic covered tables to protect work surfaces and ventilation as needed.

Apron - make sure the paints and inks are on the fabric for your quilt not your top or favorite jeans.

Plastic Gloves - depending on the media selected.

Tool and Media Storage - make sure you can find the tools and media when you want to use them again.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Mixed Media

Quilting is an Art form and Art comes in many varieties. MIXED MEDIA lends itself very well to quilting designed to make a statement and be displayed on a wall rather than on bed quilts.  Start small or take a class in the technique or media you want to use.  Give yourself a chance to learn befor making a big investment. It took me several years to get the courage to use a permanent ink pen to draw on a quilt, so I started with a set of 3 pens in different widths.  I played with the pens and they could be used on the fabric. Once I had some practice, it was easy to add a leaf to a rose, sign a quilt and add extra color to that red apple.

Mixed Media Resources