Matchstick Quilting

Matchstick Quilting is a form of straight line quilting, usually with the lines spaced very closely together, a matchstick apart. This style of quilting is seen in Modern quilts, where it is used to create a flat, dense area of quilting. Areas around the matchstick quilting appear to "puff up", making them more noticeable in the quilting design.

Benefits of Matchstick Quilting

  • Matchstick Quilting can be done with a walking foot, using the feed dogs of the machine, or by free motion quiltng.
  • It is a simple design and easy to stitch.
  • As an allover design, it is relatively fast to stitch.

Supplies and Tools for Matchstick Quilting

You'll need the following for Matchstick Quilting:

  • If using the feed dogs of the machine to pull the quilt through, a walking foot is a very helpful accessory.
  • If quilting by free motion, an open-toe presser foot allows for maximum visibility.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started Matchstick Quilting

Basting the quilt well is very important with MATCHSTICK QUILTING as the lines are very close together. The quilt should be flat, without pleats or puckers when the quilting is finished. Try using 3.0mm or 4.0mm double sewing maching needles.

Matchstick Quilting Resources