Confetti is an applique technique using alot of tiny little confetti-sized pieces of fabric.  Often using a photo or picture as an inspiration, the quilter layers pieces of colored fabric confetti onto a piece of batting or base fabric, to get the effect needed. When all the confetti is placed, the piece is often covered with tulle and machine stitched to hold it all down. Many Confetti Quilts combine other techniques along with the confetti process, such as raw edge applique and Free Motion Quilting.

Benefits of Confetti

  • Confetti is quickly made with a rotary cutter by slashing fabric to create tiny fabric scraps.
  • The "Confetti" gives the illusion of leaves or spots of color often seen in landscapes.
  • Using Confetti in a Landscape Quilt or Art Quilt quickly provides texture and depth.

Tools and Supplies for Confetti

You'll need these items for your Confetti:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Small bits of Fabric cut irregularly as "Confetti" - solid cotton fabric, shot cotton and batiks work well for this technique
  • Tulle
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Confetti Quilt

When making your CONFETTI, think about the desired impact, the color of the Tulle will greatly affect final outcome.

Confetti Resources