Beading on Quilts

A bead is a small decorative item of varing shapes with a small hole hole in the middle for threading. Quilters add beading as an embellishment technique to quilts by hand or machine. Beads are added for texture and interest. Beading is often used on art quilts, applique, folk art and whimsical quilts. Beads can be used with other embellishments to add dimension to your quilt.

Benefits of Beading

  • Beading adds texture and sparkle to a quilt.
  • Beading can replace stitches or design elements in applique.

Tools and Supplies for Beading on Quilts

  • Milliners Needles or Beading Needles are used for Beading on Quilts
  • Quilting Thread or Nymo Thread
  • Tweezers
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Beading on Quilts

I wished I knew earlier how BEADING could change the WOW factor to my quilts.  However, to quote Tom Russell, "Never pour out more beads than you're willing to pick up." Truer words were never spoken. Read that again!  

Beading Resources