Updated Classic Quilt

An Updated Classic Quilt is one that takes a traditional block or layout and updates it with color, fabric selection, block size, settings or contemporary piecing techniques. Blocks might be made larger or smaller, use bold colors and not conform to a grid layout that is part of traditional quilt design. Often you will see the recognizable block in a totally new format which enables quilters to draw from traditional quilts and take them in different directions. 

Benefits of a Updated Classic Quilt

  • An Updated Classic Quilt is often on a larger scale than the original.
  • An Updated Classic Quilt uses more vibrant color and fabric patterns.
  • Creating an Updated Classic Quilt enables the quilter to use a traditional block and change the layout and settings to create a fresh look at an old favorite.

Tools and Supplies for Updated Classic Quilt

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Block or Quilt Pattern
  • Fabric selection to make the quilt

What I Wish I Knew When I Started making an Updated Classic Quilt

An Updated Classic Quilt can be your favorite block 20 inches square - instead of 4 inches!  Changing the scale of the block will take less time to construct the quilt top. There are also new methods of piecing and assembly available to today's quilter, making many of the classic quilts easier to make.

Updated Classic Quilt Resources