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Stationary Quilting Machine - BERNINA Q20 Stationary Quilting Machine - BERNINA Q20

Stationary Machine Quilting

Stationary Machine Quilting is a category of machine used for quilting the quilt when entering quilt shows. It refers to the sewing machine where the machine is stationary and you move the quilt under the needle. The sewing machines made for quilting will have a throat of 18" to 24". The throat is the distance between the sewing machine needle and the inside right of the machine, which leaves plenty of room for the bulk of the quilt. The stationary quilting machines are also known as sit down quilting machine or a sit down longarm. Free motion quilting or ruler work are easily done on a stationary quilting machine.

Benefits of Stationary Machines for Quilting

Stationary Machines for Quilting will vary by manufacturer.  When researching be sure to consider the following:

  • Space available for the machine
  • Throat space and the size of quilts you plan on quilting.
  • Machine Characteristics: needle up/down, size of the bobbin and how it's wound, large oil reservoir and adjustable speed.
  • Ergonomics: Lighting, adjustable chair and size and layout of the table.

Tools and Supplies for Stationary Machines for Quilting

  • Basic Quilting supplies
  • Quilting Rulers
  • Gloves or scooters for quilting
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Stationary Machine Quilting

Sewing Machines made for quilting need to be a blend of power, weight, speed and sturdiness.

Stationary Machine Quilting Resources