Miniature Quilt

A Miniature Quilt  is a wonderful way to explore a piecing or quilting technique or make a pattern without a huge investment in time and fabric. They are defined as small versions of full sized quilts and range in size between 12 to 24 inches on a side to being no larger than 24 inches square. They can be used to display on the wall, added to a tote bag, used on the table or adapted and made even smaller as a "mug rug". Miniature quilts can have a sleeve on the back or tabs that are pinned to the wall. Some quilters stitch small plastic rings on the back and use hooks on the wall to hang their miniatures. Depending on the instructor, the seam allowance can be 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch. Use of a thin batting is recommended and the miniatures can be machine or hand quilted. Miniature Quilts is often an official category of quilt shows and competitions with specfic rules that apply to size, complexity and technique. Miniature quilts are also used in exchanges as they can be clearly defined, made by any skill level quilter and easily mailed or exchanged.

Benefits of a Miniature Quilt

  • Completing a Miniature Quilt can help the quilter to focus on precision with a "small" project.
  • Miniature quilts allow the quilter to try a new technique and have a finished project without a large investiment.
  • Miniature quilts are a great item for quilt exchanges.

Tools and Supplies for a Miniature Quilt

  • Basic sewing supplies for Miniature Quilts
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary Cutter, ruler, self healing mat
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Miniature Quilt

A MINIATURE QUILT has just as many pieces as a full sized quilt, but they are tiny!! When selecting fabric for a minature quilt it is best to use small prints or solids as a large print might be viewed as a single color. Small stripes often can work well too. If you are ever in Paducah, Kentucky, be sure to visit the National Quilt Museum and see the "Oh, WOW!" collection of miniature quilts. They are amazing!

Miniature Quilt Resources