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Fabric Panel

A Fabric Panel is an easy and fun way to make a quilt, wall hanging or use in other craft projects.  The panel is a design printed on fabric to be used as a whole piece, such as a picture of a tree, a bouquet of flowers or a licensed character. They are also made to be cut apart to make a doll or quilt blocks. Usually when a panel is designed to go with a group of fabrics, there are projects to go with it from the manufacturer.  

Benefits of a Fabric Panel

  • A Fabric Panel can be a quick and easy quilt project on their own, just add borders.
  • Fabric Panels are also used for dolls, complete with outfits, and fabric books and labels.
  • Fabric Panels are great for seasonal decor, wall hangings, table decorations and more.

Tools and Supplies for a Fabric Panel

Basic Sewing Supplies as needed for your project using a Fabric panel.

What I wish I Knew Before I Started using a Fabric Panel

A FABRIC PANEL doesn't have to be used as a single piece, it can be cut up and used as regular yardage.

Fabric Panels Resources