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A Bobbin is a small spool prepared by winding thread on it. It holds the thread that forms the stitches on the underside of the fabric.  Each sewing machine requires a specific type of bobbin and the owners manual will also have instructions on how to insert the bobbin.  Bobbins can also be wound with decorative thread or ribbon, that does not easily pass through the needle of a sewing machine.  The stitching is done on the reverse side, so the Bobbin Work will show on the front of the project.  Bobbins can be metal or plastic and come in a variety of sizes depending on the sewing machine.

Benefits of a Bobbin

Sewing machines use a lockstitch with a top thread and a bottom thread that is wound on a bobbin.

Bobbins can be purchased pre-wound.

A Bobbin can hold a thread matching the top thread, a finer thread or a specialty thread, depending on the sewing machine.

Supplies and Tools Bobbin

  • Each machine uses a type or class of Bobbin specific to it.
  • The Owner's Manual will list the type or class of Bobbin used by that machine and any changes needed to the Bobbin Case based on the thread type used.
  • Having extra Bobbins on hand is very helpful for easily changing thread colors.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started - Bobbin

BOBBIN cannot be used in every machine, even in the same brand of machine. An incorrect bobbin may fit the machine, but will most likely affect the stitch quality.

Bobbin Resources