Stabilizers are generally used to provide strength and security to fabrics being appliqued to other fabrics or to support machine embroidery. Usually a medium to stiff weight fiber-like fabric, a Stabilizer is pinned or fused to the underside of the project prior to adding the appliques or doing the embroidery.

Benefits of Stabilizers

Stabilizers support the base fabric. Without a Stablilizer, the stitches used for a machine applique or machine embroidery will pucker the fabric. The Stabilizer allows the stitches to stay firmly on the top of the work, making a well-defined stitch or embroidery design.

Supplies and Tools for Stabilizers

There are a variety of Stabilizers available. Select one that is designed for the work you are doing. Some wash away, meaning the work will have to be soaked or sprayed with water to remove them. Others tear away after all the stitching is complete. Following manufacturer's instructions is important for the best result.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Stabilizers

Using STABILIZERS is important for a lot of machine work and should not be eliminated. Trying different products will help you find the type of Stabilizer you like best.

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