Scissors are an instrument used for cutting using two blades hinged in the middle and meant to be used with a thumb and finger through finger holes. Quilters and sewists alike take their fabric scissors very seriously. They can be expensive and are easily dulled by cutting paper and other materials. There are many types and sizes of scissors used by quilters and sewists, based on the function, such as fabric scissors, applique scissors, thread snips and embroidery scissors. In recent years the blades are micro-serrated which provide extra grip on slippery and stubborn fabrics like silk or wool.

Benefits of Scissors

The proper Scissors can make even the most basic tasks simpler.

Tools and Supplies

  • Sheaths for pointy Scissors to keep the points protected, the scissors closed when not in use and users safe.
  • Specialty adaptations are available such as Duck Bill scissors for Applique, soft handled scissors, left handled scissors and scissors ergonomically designed for the thumb and two fingers.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started - Scissors

SCISSORS are available in a wide variety of sizes and adaptations; take time to get the right pair of scissors for the task. Scissors can be a fun item to collect as well.

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