Quilting Rulers

There are Quilting Rulers specifically made for quilters and are most often used in conjunction with a rotary cutter and self healing mat. These rulers are clear acrylic, marked in 1/8th inch intervals and may have a non-slip coating or non-slip pads on one side. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of quilt rulers and they often have angle lines. Some rulers are for cutting specialty shapes or for trimming blocks to a specific size, like a half square triangle. Rulers are an important tool for quilters.

Benefits of Rulers

  • Quilting Rulers are necessary to use with a rotary cutter.
  • A Ruler with easy to see markings makes accurate cutting possible.
  • Quilting Rulers are often specialized for trimming blocks or cutting specific shapes.

Tools and Supplies for Rulers

The most common Quilting Rulers are:

  • A long Ruler, 18" to 24" long, for cutting strips and to even up a quilt edge before binding.
  • A Ruler to square up blocks. Start with a square ruler the same size as the blocks in your quilt with a diagonal line to help ensure the block is accurate.
  • A Ruler for cutting wider strips, 6" by 12", that also works well when cutting fat quarters and folded fabric.
  • A trimming Ruler, 3" by 7", perfect for trimming an edge on a block and to have by your sewing machine to check for that perfect 1/4" seam.
  • Specialty Rulers, the most common are for HST's, half square triangles, one of quilting's most basic blocks.

Additional supplies used with quilting Rulers are:

  • A Ruler rack to hold the most frequently used rulers.
  • Glow line tape is easily added and removed, to mark on the ruler where you are cutting.
  • Gripers or handles to firmly hold the ruler in place while cutting.
  • Anti-slip tape or non-slip adhesives if your rulers are not Non-Slip Quilting Rulers.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Rulers

Specialty QUILTING RULERS are a worthwhile purchase if your are cutting a lot of pieces.

If you "inherit" rulers, be sure to match the ruler to the cutting mat you use for accuracy.

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