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Quilting Fillers

Quilting Fillers are the patterns of quilting that are stitched to fill in the secondary spaces of a quilting design. Quilting Fillers add texture and provide a background to highlight the primary quilting or quilt motif. The Quilting Fillers can be very simple or more complex. When choosing a filler design consider the overall spacing of the quilting, are the quilting designs geometric or organic and how the filler will impact the rest of the quilt and can be stitched by hand or machine.

Benefits of Quilting Fillers

  • Quilting Fillers add interest to the over all quilting design.
  • Quilting Fillers accomplish the task of meeting the stitch density guidelines of batting.
  • Quilting Fillers enhance the main quilting design.

Tools and Supplies for Quilting Fillers

  • Needle and thread for quilting are a must for Quilting Fillers 
  • Sewing machine (if desired)
  • Disappearing marking tools
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Quilting Fillers

There are many QUILTING FILLERS that are easy to stitch by machine or hand. Pinterest is an excellent resource.

Quilting Fillers Resources