Quilt Fusibles

Quilt Fusibles are interfacing products designed to be fused to the back side of fabrics with an iron. They come in a variety of weights, from very lightweight for just a bit of stiffness to ultra-thick for extra rigidity.

Quilt Fusibles are used in Fusible Applique as well as Art or Collage style quilts.

Benefits of Quilt Fusibles

Quilt Fusibles can make quick work of adhering cut out shapes to a background for applique quilts.

Fusibles also keep soft fabrics and knits, like T-Shirts, from stretching making them easier to sew with other cotton fabrics.

Supplies and Tools for Quilt Fusibles

There are many different kinds of Quilt Fusible products on the market. Read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them carefully.

Many recommend using a Press cloth, sometimes damp, sometimes dry on top of the fabric being fused and a teflon sheet underneath to keep the fusible off your iron and ironing surface.

Many Quilt Fusibles need lower heat on the iron that is typically used in pressing cotton fabric.

What I Wished I Knew When I Started using Quilt Fusibles

QUILT FUSIBLES are different and success is most likely when following the manufacturer's instructions precisely. Always choose the right product for the job.

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