Collage Quilts

A Collage Quilt is a layering fabric for the design as an art style quilt. The layered fabric can be held in place with tulle or quilting. We often think of collage as being done with paper and paint. The same process can be used to create a collage style quilt. Motifs or shapes are cut from a variety of fabrics and combined with other materials, then layered onto a fabric base to create a picture or design. The materials in the collage can be fused, glued or stitched in place as well as painted or embellished with a variety of different mixed media. Each quilt artist has a set of technique that works well for them. The collage style can be used on its own to create an entire quilt, or become an element in a larger overall design.

Benefits of Collage Quilt

  • A Collage Quilt is a creative style that is less structured than pieced quilts.
  • Collage Quilts allows for the introduction of mixed media and other embellishments.

Tools and Supplies for a Collage Quilts

You'll need the following to create your Collage Quilt:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Fusible web and Iron
  • Additional fabrics and media for layering and developing the collage
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Collage Quilt

Creating a COLLAGE QUILT in a class is a great way to start. Not only will you learn the basics from an instructor but you will see how other students in the class develop their own style.

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