Portrait Quilts

Portraits Quilts are Contemporary Style Quilts representing the faces of people or pets in cloth. There is no one way to make a Portrait Quilt, although many people start with a photo that is either printed on fabric or manipulate with computer software as a starting point. Portrait Quilts can be pieced, appliqued or painted, or a combination of all of those techniques. Many portrait quilts are made with artists paints and inks, enhanced with thread painting or sketching. Fabric selection is also critical and many artists use a Value scale to better leverage light and dark fabrics. Some Portrait Quilts use an enhanced photograph with digital cutting software to cut the pieces. There are companies that will create pixilated layouts of photographs to use for portrait quilts. Portrait Quilts are a wonderful way to create a lasting image of a person.

Benefits of a Portrait Quilt

  • A Portrait Quilt is a way to explore new techniques.
  • A Portrait Quilt is an exploration of color and value.
  • A Portrait Quilt creates an image of a person or pet.

Tools and Supplies for Portrait Quilts

You'll need the following to create Portrait Quilts:

  • Photo of the subject.
  • Fabrics selected based on a value scale
  • Basic Sewing Supplies.
  • Tools based on the technique.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making Portrait Quilts

You don't need to be an artist to create a PORTRAIT QUILTS.

Portrait Quilts Resources

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