Colored Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, and Ink Pencils are often used in Contemporary Quilts and Art Quilts as a Mixed Media technique to enhance the color of fabrics or photographs printed on fabric. Watercolor Pencils are also used in a more traditional setting to tint vintage style embroidery designs.  There are also Pencils used for Quilting Designs such as Chalk Pencils and the Silver Verithin pencils. Be mindful that the good ole No.2 Lead Pencil will leave marks that you might not be able to remove.

Benefits of Pencils

  • There are a large variety of Pencils available to meet your needs for Mix Media techniques and drawing Quilting Designs.
  • Pencils can add color or enhance color.
  • Pencils are easy to use and store
  • Pencils serve a variety of needs from enhancing a quilt with color to drawing a quilting design to follow.

Tools and Supplies for Pencils

  • Pencils specific to the task
  • Paper blending stumps for colored pencils
  • Textile Fixative as needed
  • Supplies required for the specific type of pencil like a pencil sharpener or eraser.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Pencils

Experiment with PENCILS.  There are a wide variety of pencils available on the market for crafts, sewing, quilting, professional art and even colored pencils for kids.  All will work in varying degrees.  Determine what the need is and then do a bit of research and find the Pencil to meet your requirrements at a reasonable cost.

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