Gifts are some of the most fun things to make! Quilted or pieced gifts can be quilts, wall hangings and table runners, but there are also smaller items that like pin cushions, fabric baskets and needlebooks. They don't stop with things related to the hobby of quilting, they are also things like pot holders and casserole carriers, purses and pouches, mug rugs and coasters! These are just some of the items that are in the gift category!  Gifts quilters can make for friends and other quilters.

Benefits of Gifts

  • Gifts use fabric and batting scraps
  • Gifts provide an opportunity to try a new technique
  • Gifts are made with someone special in mind and give the creator all the options of creating a unique and custom item.

Tools and Supplies for Gifts

  • Select a pattern or Gift idea
  • Scraps of fabric and other sewing materials
  • Basic Sewing Supplies and any supplies required for the specific gift.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started - Gifts

Sometimes GIFTS are great they're hard to give away! So always make an extra....

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