Buttons aren't just for clothes any more. Buttons are used as embellishments on quilts that add texture, dimension, color and whimsy.  Novelty buttons can add a tiny detail such as bee on a flower. Even the simplest round button can be a flower center. Buttons can be stacked or paired with crystals, beads and other embellishments to add to your quilt design.

Benefits of Buttons

  • Buttons can be used in place of small circles in applique.
  • Buttons add a demensional element to a quilt.
  • Buttons are readily available; old or new buttons, large or small, there is a huge variety to choose from.

Tools and Supplies for Buttons

  • Basically, aside from the Buttons, you only need Needle and Thread.
  • Silk ribbon or other decorative threads can also be used to attach the buttons
What I Wish I Knew When I Started - Buttons

BUTTONS can also be sewn with a sewing machine.

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