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Art Quilts

An Art Quilt is a quilt style that deviates from the use of traditional, historical blocks and patterns. The emphasis is on the design rather than functionality. Art quilts are also created in a variety of styles such as Abstract, Improvisational, Collage, Landscape or Nature Inspired as well as Pictorial or Portrait Quilts. 

Benefits of Art Quilts

  • Art Quilts are most often made as fine art, meant to be displayed as a painting or tapestry would be.
  • When seen in art galleries, art quilts are offered for sale to collectors.
  • Art quilts are often made to express the makers opinion on a topic. Special Exhibits of Art Quilts are seen in both Quilt Shows and Art Exhibits, usually expressing a theme or idea.
  • Art quilts can be a free-form type of expression using textiles and often leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Supplies and Tools - Art Quilts

Backing and Batting are the foundation of Art Quilts.

To make the top of the quilt a wide variety of materials are used:

  • Not just cotton - silks, wool, leather, polyester, tulle and tea bags
  • Mixed Media such as fabric dying, crayons, oil pastels, painting, stamping, transfers and many more types of media
  • Embellishments such as beading, cording, decorative stitches, ruching and folded fabric are examples
  • Quilting is often used like bobbin work and threadpainting to further add texture and color to art quilts.

Art quilts may use any or all of the above based on the preference of the quilter and the story they want to tell.

What I Wished I Knew When I Started - Art Quilts

ART QUILTS  can be an expression of the maker's thoughts, feeliings and emotions. Quilters are very creative artists and leverage a variety of media to add to their quilts often from what is considered fine arts. Being able to "cross over" and use art supplies to add design, texture, and color during the creative process enables the world of quilting to expand. Using "material" and stitches as a medium for making an artistic statement is a valuable form of quiltmaking.

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