Amish Quilts

Amish Quilts are those made by Amish or Mennonite women, now generally in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. The Traditional Amish style quilt began to appear in the 1870's made with the same fabrics used for clothing with black as an integral part of the quilt. The solid fabrics in saturated hues and simple designs, Bars and Diamonds, created very distictive quilts. As trends in quilting moved to more complex quilt blocks and crazy quilts, the Amish quilts evolved to include 9-Patch blocks, Baskets, Around the World or Sunshine and Shadow, and the quilting became more elaborate with swirling feathers, cables and grids. The Amish Quilts are often a reflection of the location and community where the quilt was made based on the unwritten guidelines of the communities for acceptability. In general, Amish quilts from Pennsylvania are made with cool colors while those from Ohio and Indiana are made with warm colors.  As interests turned away from quilting, the Amish continued to evolve their quilts to include more pastels, with more freedom for quilt patterns. The fabrics used are usually solids and prints are rare.  The American Bicentennial in 1976, brought a renewed interest in Quilting and Amish Quilts became popular for their unique style and the quality of the quilting. Although Amish quilts are being made for sale, quilting is an important part of Amish family and community life. 

Amish Quilts have a broad appeal and the style is still popular today.  Their simple design, use of color and quilting make this quilt style easily adaptable for all levels of quilters.

Benefits of Amish Quilts

  • Many quiltmakers make their first quilts based on Amish Quilt designs because they tend to be simple in design and easy for a beginner to accomplish.
  • Amish Quilts use color very effectively and can be used to create a striking quilt for any color pallet..
  • Amish Quilts can be hand or machine quilted. The simple designs work well for either method.

Supplies and Tools Amish Quilts

  • Fabrics for Amish Quilts are usually solids and the colors are a mix of dark, medium and a few lights for "sparkle".
  • Patterns for the quilt top or blocks and quilting designs are readily available.
  • Templates for piecing and quilting can be purchased or made from cardboard or plastic.
  • Basic Sewing supplies.
  • Handwork requires needles and thread.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Amish Quilts

How simple designs used in many AMISH QUILTS, along with solid fabrics, can create beautiful yet functional wall and bed quilts.

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