Sharon shares a tip she learned from a student on how to cut a square into a triangle when your ruler isn't large enough.

#7 Teresa 2016-03-24 10:16
Not that I am smart or anything but as soon as you described the request I knew you were going to fold the material that way. Made perfect sense. Thank you for sharing. :D
#6 #VGUTIE_ 2016-03-24 09:11
Thanks a lot. I would have tried to mark it. Very nice tip.
#5 Jean Byer 2016-03-23 14:02
Such a great tip. Love your lessons :)
#4 Katie 2016-03-23 13:12
So simple! Why didn't I think of that instead of starting from one corner and then meeting the cut from the other corner ( and sometimes Not)?
#3 Ellen 2016-03-23 10:14
You don't need to know the center. Just line up the ruler with the points (corners) and your ruler's perpendicular lines on the fold. That's it. Your triangles will be equal.
Your ruler MUST be at least as long as half of the diagonal to do this.
#2 LQuilts68 2016-03-23 08:37
Great tip, but you also need to center the ruler on the folded edge, otherwise you will not get two even triangles. A tip is to either line the fold on the mat and calculate the center, or fold the fabric in half both ways which gives you a center crease mark.
#1 Stephanie 2016-03-23 07:32
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