WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Make a Cuddle® Throw Blanket

With the weather getting colder the deeper we get into winter, the more you will be in need of something to bundle up and get warm with. Julie Bridgeman at WeAllShow has got you covered (literally) as she has a fun and easy way to sew together a Cuddle® Throw Blanket to get you through those blistery months ahead.


From Julie Bridgeman at WeAllSew:


"Who doesn’t want a soft blanket on a rainy night while watching a movie or on a cold night with a book by the fire? It’s a great gift to give anyone at any age or to give yourself. When making a blanket, the main factors are color and fabric. Color depends on the recipient and fabric is easy if you know where to look. Shannon Fabrics’ motto is “Making the World a Softer Place” and they certainly do! Their selection of micro-fiber plush includes Cuddle, one of the softest fabrics in the world. In addition, they have Luxe Cuddle which they call “bunny-soft” and has a higher pile than Cuddle. There are three varieties of Luxe Cuddle – solids, embossed and prints. I decided to try Luxe Cuddle Brooklyn which is an embossed variety. I wanted a plaid flannel on the other side so I did a little research and found one by Robert Kaufman called Mammoth Flannel. It’s 100% cotton and a 2-ply flannel that’s a bit stronger and loftier. There are 89 plaid prints in this collection—it’s hard to choose just one!


In this tutorial, I focus on the best and easiest way to sew with cuddle fabric. Also, I show a couple of ways to add special touches. Let’s get started!"


Click Here to go to the tutorial and learn more.


Watch the video below to see how Julie sews the blanket together.



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