WeAllSew Tutorial: Binding with Ruffles

How you bind a quilt is up to the quilter who quilts it. But there are so many different ways to do it that it can be its own adventure to try and bind one in a new and fun way. Julie Bridgeman at WeAllSew has such a way, as she will show you how to bind with ruffles. Learn a new method to bind your quilt and add another tool to your toolbelt in the process.


From Julie Bridgeman at WeAllSew:


"My favorite binding method for quilts is traditional French fold binding. But, I love to try something new and different just to keep things interesting and fun. Today I’m going to show binding with ruffles! It’s great for quilts that need a bit more color, texture or a tactile element. Or maybe you just want to try something new! You definitely want to get out your Walking Foot #50 and Ruffler Foot #86. Both are perfect for this binding technique and a great way to get some practice with these feet. Let’s play!"


Watch the video below to see how Julie binds a quilt with ruffles.


Click Here to go to the tutorial to learn more.



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