Astronaut Karen Nyberg's Exhibition, "The Stars Are Aligned," On Display at The National Quilt Museum

Now through July 30, 2024, the National Quilt Museum is featuring Karen Nyberg's work as part of her exhibition, The Stars Are Aligned, which celebrates her time as an astronaut, living in space, her family, and her interest in Earth conservation. The exhibition also features a set of Astronomical Quilts that were commissioned in 2013 by NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration to honor Karen's mission on the International Space Station.

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Textile Talks: Quilters Save Our Stories Interview with Karen Nyberg conducted by Chawne Kimber

In Monday's Newsletter, we featured the brand new Earth Views fabric line from retired astronaut Karen Nyberg. Get to know Karen, the artist, mathematician, and astronaut extraordinaire, a little more from her Quilters Save Our Stories (QSOS) Interview with Chawne Kimber.

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A Retired Astronaut Launches a Fabric Line

"Seeing Earth from space is a privilege afforded only to a select few highly trained individuals—the rest of us have to settle for photos and videos. Now, those views can also be incorporated into quilts and other crafting projects thanks to a new fabric line from retired NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg." - Smithsonian Magazine

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