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Textile Talks: A Change of He(art) - SAQA artists Linda Anderson, Charlotte Bird, and Marty-O

Join SAQA artists Linda AndersonCharlotte Bird, and Marty-O for this week's Textile Talk all about the changes and shifts they have experienced within the last three years and the opportunities it has brought them "to test where they have been and where they want to go." Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 2 PM EDT.

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Textile Talks: A Change of He(art) - San Diego Artists Charlotte Bird and Marty-O

Change is usually a good thing. It helps us switch up our routines and expand our horizons to better ourselves in different ways. There has been a lot of change in the last couple of years and we've all handled it in different ways. For artists Charlotte Bird and Marty-O"they each have had significant solo installations at the Oceanside Museum of Art, a regional art museum in San Diego County. The installations stretched both out of their comfort zones in different ways." This week's Textile Talk is a discussion with both artists about those changes and the new directions they may be taking them in. Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 2 PM EDT.

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