Deb Tucker is known for her LeMoyne star prowess. Lucky LeMoyne is just one example of what she can do.

See the full quilt RIGHT HERE.

Star Members can watch Deb in Show 1707: Tricks and Tools of the Trade.

LuckyLeMoynebyDebTucker - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

LuckyLeMoynebyDebTucker - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

LuckyLeMoynebyDebTucker - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

LuckyLeMoynebyDebTucker - 99 Pieces Rotating

LuckyLeMoynebyDebTucker - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Gregory Case


This is a beautiful feathered star block. This block was pretty easy to guess; do you think you can guess the rest of the blocks? Play the game and find out.



When Vicki Anderson of Machine Quilting Unlimited  magazine  asked for whole cloth quilts, Teri Lucas answered the call. The idea for her quilt, @Play, was inspired by a conversation with a friend who told her that she should make a "spiral" quilt. Little did Teri know, her spiral ended up going on what she calls a "wacko journey".

You can learn from Teri in Show 2707.

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 36 Pieces Rotating

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 100 Pieces Rotating

@PlaybyTeriLucas - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Zumi Hidalgo


Inspired by Alex's Color Bridge line of fabric, Teri gave herself a challenge and learned to paper piece using New York Beauty Blocks to maker her quilt When Alex & Jinny Met in New York Beauty Happened. Composed of Alex's fabric and Jinny Beyer's fabric, hence the name, it is a celebration of color to behold.

You can learn from Teri in Show 2707.

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 36 Pieces Rotating

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 100 Pieces Rotating

WhenAlexandJinnyMetinNewYorkBeautyHappenedbyTeriLucas - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Zumi Hidalgo


Can't get enough of the Log Cabin Today! quilts by Brigitte Morgenroth? Take a look at a completely different Log Cabin design with Twisted Log Cabin by our 2016 BOM Designer, Lessa Siegele

Star Members can watch Lessa in Show 1801: Piecing Perfection from the BOM Designer.

See the Full Quilt right here!

Want to learn more about Lessa? Click here.

TwistedLogCabinbyLessaSiegele - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

TwistedLogCabinbyLessaSiegele - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

TwistedLogCabinbyLessaSiegele - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

TwistedLogCabinbyLessaSiegele - 100 Pieces Rotating

TwistedLogCabinbyLessaSiegele - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photograph by Gregory Case


A riff on the traditional hexagon quilt, Jennifer Sampou's Polygon Play is an appliqué quilt that was made without using her hexie templates as she had forgotten them when she traveled to the mountains to make it. It is what she calls a "wonky polygon" quilt, creating fun variations of negative space throughout the piece.

Not a puzzler?           

You can learn from Jennifer in Show 2706.

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 36 Pieces Rotating

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 100 Pieces Rotating

PolygonPlaybyJenniferSampou - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Kristin Goedert

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