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Who is Wendy Mamattah?

Wendy Mamattah is owner of Braid and Stitch, Wendy is an internationally Published and recognized award winning quilt and textile artist, she is also a journalist, art blogger and quilt pattern designer. Her works and patterns have been featured internationally in American Quilter magazine and on the Quilt show With Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. She resides currently in Chicago IL.

Wendy is from Ghana in West Africa, and has always loved working with fabrics. She recalls as a child at age five in primary school, she received prizes for needlework instead of English or Geography which made her realize that there was a part inside of her that loved to create.

Wendy’s works to date have mainly been featured in International reach magazines, E magazines, major news publications and blogs, her works have hang in galleries in the Pacific Northwest. Wendy's works continue to evolve in both subject matter and technique, recurring throughout in strong, clear color, texture, visual impact, and meticulous detail. She loves the colors of nature, those colors that can be imposed on the real world to see it in a new way.

In 2015 Wendy has began to incorporate African inspired clothing into her BRAND LIST as she calls it, she goes, "Its the next big thing on my VIsion Board" "We need to build authentic African fashion right here in the USA with no limits! just saying"

Talk to Wendy, and she tells you her day starts with her creativity kicking right in, and then she just dances with fabric, she adds “I love that!” she passionately shares that Creativity in some form is inherent in every individual, and adds, “you just have to wake it up sometimes, there are lots of people who have let their creativity go to sleep and just cannot find a way to wake it up, and that is not good, since it lets the fire in you die while you are still alive”.

Wendy’s works in Silhouette applique depict a lot of Africa and dance. She also works in other mediums such Impressionistic art also known in art quilting as the Confetti technique, the rest are painted quilted abstract, Mosaic, and her stunning under water pieces. Wendy is open to create commissioned art quilts, specifically to fit a customer’s description and taste, each of her art works is a unique original piece.

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