Who is Verna Mosquera?

As a first generation quilter, the art of making quilts is relatively new to me. With a strong background in art, and having sewn since childhood, quilt making always intrigued me. I was able to take my first class at my local quilt shop in 1996 and have been quilting literally everyday since.

From the moment I started, I was hooked. I knew it was trouble when I couldn't wait to get home to take my new fabric purchases out of the bag. Still to this day, I lay out my fabric along the dashboard of my car and enjoy them during the ride home.

For years I searched for the perfect medium of my artistic expression. With quilting I feel like I've finally come home. It is something I can do anywhere, often times carry with me. The palette of colors and the elements of design, both in fabric and patterns, seem endless. I know it will forever hold my interest.

A perfectionist by nature, the details of the quilt and its process are extremely important. I often focus on taking extra steps if it means achieving better results in the finished product. I try to pass that on to those that I teach and also in my pattern design.

What I find most appealing about my time spent quilting is that it frees me from everything else. The stacks of fabric that surround me become little piles of cut shapes, these shapes are gradually sewn together to become blocks, eventually those blocks become rows, and piece by piece the quilt is created. It is during this time that my heart somehow finds itself at peace and the quilts become an extension of who I am at that particular moment.

It makes me very happy to share my designs and the joy that they have come to represent in my life.

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