Who is Valori Wells?

Valori Wells embodies the true meaning of the word innovator in her field. Born into, and surrounded by fabric from birth she was conditioned daily in unspoken ways, living and breathing art, color and textiles into the fiber of her being. Supported by a loving, powerful and creative mother she has had the perfect platform to blossom into the successful woman she is today.

Her artistic journey has included many chapters of creative experience allvisually focused ultimately honing her into to the unique fabric designer she has become now. Currently printing onto fabric with her uniquely hand carved blocks added an element to the textile market that is ornate, exotic and a style all her own. She is edgy and her work speaks to those who desire an artist hand in their choice of fabrics.

As a artist she has honored her gift and nurtured her passion with a life long study beginning as a child immersed in the thriving Stitchin’ Post adventure founded by her mother Jean Wells in 1975. After high school shewent on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts majoring in photograpy. Photography is the perfect vehicle to train the eye to see the beauty and details of nature and life. From this gathering of inspiration Val translates what she sees into art, fabric, patterns and designs. This is the area of mastery that she shines.

Obvious to so many who are in turn inspired by her creativity they too see a mentor paving the way, igniting possibilities and assisting them to expand creatively. Her sense of color and pattern are intuitive to the core and is totally amazing! As Val steps forward acting from her creative genius others are touched. The fabrics she has designed for almost twenty years can be found all over the world. She has co-authored nine books with her Mom and is the sole author of three books. She is co-owner of the Stitchin’ Post. She is the Manager of the Quilter’s Affair Conference in Sisters each year. There is no doubt that in her young age already she has made her mark.

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