Who is Teresa Duryea Wong?

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to say, “if you wanna know what’s going on, send Teresa a letter.” I was the letter writer for my whole family! I love to write, and I’ve been at it ever since.

My first job after college was in television news where I started as an intern and was given the very glamorous job of cutting out newspaper articles every day. Eventually, I convinced the TV bosses to give me a job as a TV news camera woman, and I was among the first wave of women to ever hold that job in a major city.

Next, I struck out on my own as a freelance journalist and a few years later, I became the publisher of a monthly, fine art magazine. During those years, those same TV bosses invited me back to the Houston CBS television newsroom as an on-air reporter covering fine arts for a Sunday morning program. Being on television gave me priceless experience in how to gather a great story, and more importantly, how to communicate it to viewers.

I spent the next 20-something years climbing the corporate ladder in the oil and gas industry. One rung at a time, I climbed till I hit the glass ceiling – Vice President. During those years, I traveled the world – Qatar, Vietnam, Wales, Norway, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Australia – some 45 countries in all.

Finally, in 2013, decided to strike out on my own and follow my passion: Quilting!

Since then, I’ve published five nonfiction books on quilt history and textiles. I am a staff writer for both Quiltfolk and Curated Quilts, and I also contribute to Quiltcon Magazine, Art Quilt Quarterly and other magazines.

I am honored to be a member of the International Advisory Board for the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2021, I was named the Scholar in Residence for Visions Art Museum in San Diego. I am also a Bybee Scholar, an honor awarded me by the Texas Quilt Museum and the Faith P. and Charles L. Bybee Foundation.

There are few other titles to add to the list. Wife. Daughter. Mother of Two. Quiltmaker. Twice a day Dog Walker!

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