Who is Sheila Christensen?

Sheila Christensen lives in Masterton, a small rural town in New Zealand where she owns Quilters' Lane. She is originally from England and moved to New Zealand in 2012.

As a teenager Sheila used to sew her own clothes on her Mum's hand crank Singer machine. Her passion for quilting began later in life when she spotted a table runner class at the local quilt shop. After a few years of taking every class she could, she ended up buying the shop.

Sheila designs two or three precut puzzle mystery quilts every year, and these are available worldwide from www.cottoncuts.com.

With a background in maths and economics, Sheila has an eye for patterns and is fascinated by the endless possibilities in quilting. Her Modern Triangle Sampler quilt marked a new direction in her quilting journey and she has gone on to write her book Quilts with an Angle which was published in 2019.

She also designs patterns for Creative Grids rulers and has a new publication, the Quick and Easy Triangle Block Tool, coming out in January 2020.

She loves sharing her knowledge by teaching in her shop and also at guilds and symposia. Sheila is married to Carl, a Las Vegas native. Between them they have 6 adult children and 12 grandchildren.

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