Who is Rhonda Denney?

Meet Rhonda Denney, an award-winning art quilter, educator, and mentor, based in Kansas, United States. Architect of the special technique, ‘Pigment Patchwork’, Rhonda helps quilters and fiber artists learn to color on fabric with confidence through offering lectures, workshops, and a new 8-week program called ‘Get Pigment Confident’. 

An art-technique explorer and patchwork enthusiast, Rhonda has a strong affinity for capturing the spirit of her subjects. She loves helping others learn of the diversity, complexity, and addictiveness of using fabric, pigments, and stitching to create a statement in their art. 

The vivid colors, grandeur landscapes, and exotic animals discovered by Rhonda during her residence in Kenya, East Africa as a young child, accompanied by her travels across various cultures and architectures, provides Rhonda with a unique funnel of inspiration. This influence, along with her quilting experience honed over 19 years, makes her classes truly valuable, sparking passion amongst her entire network.

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