Who is Rayna Gillman?

Rayna Gillman is an artist, author, and teacher with an intuitive sense of color and design. She infuses her students with a sense of play and encourages them to ask themselves “what if?” as they improvise and create original work.

Although she flunked 7th grade sewing, she later taught herself to make quilts because they don't need darts, pleats, zippers, or buttons. (And don’t need to fit). She loves to share her relaxed no rules/no rulers approach to making quilts without a pattern.  

Gillman is the author of Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, and Create Your Own Improv Quilts, all published by C&T.  She teaches extensively in the U.S. and has taught in the U.K., South Africa, France and Switzerland.
Rayna has appeared on national television as a featured artist on Simply Quilts, Quilting Arts TV, and will be an upcoming guest on Alex Anderson's The Quilt Show. Her articles have appeared in       Quilting Arts, Quilters Newsletter, Art Quilting Studio, and other publications. Her work is in private collections here and in Europe.

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