Who is Peg Pennell?

Peg Pennell is a native Nebraskan, born and raised in Omaha. While enjoying all aspects of working with textiles, she is particularly attracted to quilts as the medium for expressing herself. Primarily drawn to make pieces inspired by nature, Peg also delights in creating quilts with a vibrant and playful flair. She relishes the mental stimulation of designing and executing a particularly challenging project.

Peg has been teaching quilting skills to others for more than 25 years and has won over 200 ribbons and awards, both locally and internationally, for her work. After being commissioned to do a piece for a lobby in a business, she found she enjoyed making art for others to view. Hoping to enlighten the public that quilts are not just bed coverings, she continues to search out venues that will show her work in a gallery setting.

Her pieces are quilts..................but they are also art.


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