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Who is Mickey Depre?

Textiles have always fascinated me, from vintage to current, my taste has always been ALL! Sewing in general, mending to garment making, were never a chore. But when I pushed myself beyond traditional quilt making, I found the road less traveled was greatly inviting.

My quilts have been described as whirlwinds of color, with oranges residing next to purples of all shades in harmony. Dots, swirls, and stripes intermingle with florals and prints in an outlandish yet exciting visual parade. This is how I see the world and how I want the world to see me.

My work mixes traditional quilting techniques with bold, innovative machine appliqué and thread work.

Fabric choices include my own hand dyed cotton with commercial cottons for a special spark of color and depth. Pieces are heavily machine quilted. The images are meant to spark thought and a smile, as humor is a great gift to share.

With the release of my new book Pieced Hexies… Well, I feel I have come full circle. So while you may know me initially as an Art Quilter… I am also a Traditional Quilter.

“There is more than enough fabric in the studio to be both an Art Quilter and a Traditional Quilter!”

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