Who is Michelle Jackson?

For Michelle Jackson, art was an every day experience from a very young age, since her mother was the local school art instructor. Sewing was a part of that experience and by high school Michelle was designing and making most of her own clothing so it seemed only natural that a fashion design degree be in her future.

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Michelle worked as a women’s lingerie designer in New York City. She appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show and many of her designs were featured in Vogue, Weight Watchers and Ebony magazines. After marrying, having two children and moving to New Mexico, Michelle put her career on hold and devoted herself to her family. In 2004, she started designing again, this time combining her new love of quilting with fashion, creating wearable art patterns for others to enjoy making.

Her quilting didn’t stop there. With a love of color and obsession to be creative she moved quickly into art quilts. This is where I feel at home; exaggerating color to capture moments and tell stories. She says. The most fun part of the design process is deciding exactly how I’m going to tell the story. What tweak of color can I use to help people see what I want them to see, or feel what I want them to feel?

Michelle designs art quilts in her open studio/gallery at the foot of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico. Her quilts have won numerous awards and appear in exhibits, galleries, magazines and books. Michelle also teaches and lectures on the use of color and light to tell a story in fiber. Look forward to many more quilts from Michelle Jackson filled with exhilarating color and light.

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