Who is Marty Ornish?

My work is the embodiment of my touchstone values: sustainable slow-fashion through a pallet of up-cycled materials. Working from my studio in Southern California, and inspired by bohemian, steampunk and avant-garde couture, I create feminine motifs for the fashion forward iconoclast. I take delight in the alchemy of reincarnating and repurposing my hand-selected thrift shop 'treasures' into one-of-a-kind wabi-sabi pieces that express both a romanticism and a whimsical playfulness. My creations effuse a dynamic tension between the the sensual and the demure, catalyzed by the artistic boundaries of the wearer. The result is an edgy feminine chic new look.

A recent series of my work are my Tattered Quilt Dresses. Beginning with antique cutter-quilts that were severely tattered and too fragile to display, I deconstructed and reconstructed the fabric by layering, twisting, and stitching to create a new textile. Other quilt pieces were joined by fagot stitching to create a fabric transformed into garments that pay homage to a former time. These new garments proudly express their heritage—raw seams are showcased rather than hidden, and flaws in the quilt batting and hand stitching are celebrated—not repaired (unless it is structurally required). The impermanence of fashion and the handwork of forgotten quilters are honored anew.

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