Who is Mark Sherman?

Mark Sherman began his quilting career in 2001. He asked his mother to teach him to make his first quilt. Mark's mother had originally learned what she knew about quilting from Eleanor Burns, in one of Eleanor's very first classes taught at a local high school. Since the beginning Mark was interested in competitive quilting which forced him to excel in his art. During these years Mark developed many unique techniques that he is teaching the quilting community. Mark is now a quilt teacher and lecturer working all over the United States and Internationally as well.

Mark draws his inspiration from nature and his love of color. He has always been inspired by stained glass and his admiration of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Mark developed a unique method for making stained glass quilts using his own hand dyed fabrics. One of these first quilts, Wisteria (2008), is now part of the Permanent Founder's Collection of The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.

Mark currently lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He now travels the world teaching and lecturing, which he has discovered is his real passion. Mark is the father of two grown children. He is an accomplished pianist and organist. He has done interior design as well as elaborate floral designs for important events. Mark has always loved antiques and because of this he became a GIA gemologist certified in pearls. His specialty is natural pearls. Mark is fluent in Spanish, something he learned while serving in the US Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Hablamos Espanol

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