Who is Margaret Willingham?

I grew up with a legacy of family heirlooms.  Antiques passed down with love and history that were relished and used.  Among the furniture, china and silver were the hand work of my ancestors: lovely linens and quilts hand-stitched with decorative threads to grace a table or a bed.  All expressions of the maker's love for their families and friends, and hope in the future expressed creatively.

I love that touch of elegance. Quilting gives us the chance to decorate the lives of those we love with a touch of elegance, whether in a wall-hanging, a table runner or a bed-sized quilt.  I see design possibilities all around me- on book covers, sidewalk grates, railings and even tire rims.

As I create designs, I get to play with pattern, color and texture, making something beautiful to enliven my world and express love to those around me.  I am most at peace when I am creating, and I believe touches of beauty bring resting places of peace to others as well.

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