Who is Linda Pumphrey?

Linda Pumphrey's life-long passion is quilts, old and new. As a quilter, she found herself able to feed her passion with a career spanning over 25 years in the quilting industry. Recently back with the brand that started her career she is Senior Account Executive for Fibrix, LLC makers of Mountain Mist batting. She also is an active member on several non-profit boards. (Currently serves on the International Quilt Association board and is a past member of the International Quilt study Center & Museum and the Quilt Alliance board.

Linda is known for her hand quilting for which she has won international awards. This is Linda's first book and she is in the middle of writing her second book title yet to be determined.

Linda started collecting quilts in the mid 1990's and focused on quilts were the design contained very small pieces. Her collection has grown to include International pieces from her travels. Linda's love for quilting grew from her mother and grandmother. She can trace back that there have been quilters in her family for at least five generations.

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