Who is Leslie Tucker Jenison?

At the heart of my work is a tension between the overt and microscopic, symmetry and irregularity, pressure and its outlet. The repeating shapes observed in both natural and man-made environments offer inspiration that frequently finds its way into my work.

Influenced early by my paternal grandmother, a seamstress and quiltmaker, I came to quilt making in the early 80’s; I was mentored by a professional nurse-colleague whose avocation was quilt making. My work has encompassed everything from traditional bed quilts to objects for the wall. The lines have blurred between these two seemingly disparate categories into contemporary work which functions in both realms. My work often includes the use of hand-dyed and printed cloth that infuses personal imagery into the object.

Each part of my artistic process is challenging and satisfying: from inspiration, dyeing and printing the imagery onto the cloth surface, to the construction and quilting of the object. Each stage has its own layer of meaning and, to me, that is the beautiful difference between the quilt and other art forms.

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