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Who is Julie Cefalu?

My name is Julie Cefalu, otherwise known as The Crafty Quilter, and I love to create – mostly quilts but other things, too.  I’ve always been crafty starting as a young girl with some yarn and a crochet hook.  From there I’ve tried garment sewing, knitting, cross stitch, paper crafting, quilting, and now pattern designer.  Maybe I should include fabric collecting to the list!

I am also a Blogger and the name of my blogsite is The Crafty Quilter! I am the mother of four amazing children and the wife to one amazing husband.  As of 2019, we have two beautiful granddaughters that we love to spend time with.  We are empty nesters and live in the bay area of California with our dog, Cooper, our cat, Zoe, and Toby the tortoise.

I teach classes and work at The Granary which is one of the oldest designated quilt shops in the country and a beautiful shop to visit. I also have an online classroom at The Quilt Show where you’ll find my videos which offer a variety of quilting tips and tricks.

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