Who is Joanie Zeier Poole?

All of my life I have surrounded myself in art, drawing, playing with color and getting my hands into any medium I could mold into my personal expression. I have never stopped my quest for learning new ways to express my creativity, but always return to fabric as my chosen medium, quilting in particular. It is only recently that I have felt that I have worked hard enough at one skill to be comfortable with presenting myself as an artist.

Now that I am truly focused on what I love, machine quilting on a domestic machine, the rewards are many. From the moment I wake in the morning, until I go to bed at night, I dream of quilts. I love working with beautiful fabrics, talking about how I construct my quilts, writing books, designing patterns or teaching others to find satisfaction in completing their own quilts. I have truly found fulfillment in my life, knowing that every day I am doing what I was put on this earth to do.

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