Who is Jacqueline de Jonge?

As you may know, BeColourful is located in the Netherlands, Europe. I live in the beautiful city of Delft, I think most of you are familiar with the beautiful blue pottery that is produced there for centuries. I love to live there, Delft is the place where I grew up, and I like it here, and it's close to my mom and dad. 

My quilting life began in 1978 when I saw a magazine picture of a Log Cabin-pattern quilt. Right away I had to try my hand at this fascinating work - my sister still has the resulting pink Log Cabin. Since then I have taught myself and tried over the years to reach a level of perfection, not to show off, but because I love the beauty I can achieve through my designs. My goal is to inspire quilters all over the world with beauty and color. I have always been creative, but quilting has hooked me. To be able to work well at something you love is a miracle and a gift from God.

My quilts have been displayed worldwide and have won international awards. They are based on traditional designs but with a contemporary and colorful twist. In 2004 at the encouragement of my father I entered the Open European Quilt Championship and won the Color Trophy. Since that year I have lectured and conducted workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Interviews have been published in several magazines, and in 2011 I was profiled and featured on the Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson online Quilt Show.

I think my passion for quilting helps make me an encouraging and personable teacher. I love to share my enthusiasm for my designs with others and to bring them to a different and higher level where they can find their own artistic skills. I also show my students that quilts that may seem difficult in a picture are actually not that hard after all. I live in the Netherlands in the old and beautiful city of Delft, famous for Royal Delft porcelain. I live close to my family , and I'm passionate for my Siamese, Mr. Pookie and for my rescued Greyhound, Amy.

​I started my BeColourful pattern line in the Netherlands in 2004. BeColourful is now a family owned and operated business in the United States since 2007

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