Who is Gregory Case?

Gregory Case: In 2001, I started photography as a hobby. I was fascinated with the process of creating images. My hobby quickly became a passion and within two years (2003), I started my transition into a full-time commercial photographer. Photography is my third career. I started with a Master’s degree in Social Work and worked for eighteen years as a licensed, clinical, alcohol and drug, and marital and family therapist in primarily in Southern California.

We moved to Northern California after Elena, my wife/business partner accepted an offer from a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. That put me right in the middle of the high-tech bubble and the start of my second career, web design. Elena started working more with me as we grew and expanded our commercial photography business. In 2005, we fell in love with the world of quilts, textiles, and fiber art and have since specialized in photographing quilts/textile/fiber arts for artists, designers, magazines, events, and fabric and product manufacturers.

Elena Morera: Prior to working with Gregory I was the VP Human Resources in several high-tech companies in Southern and Northern California and have a Masters of Arts in Management. Currently I produce the photo styling shots for client’s use in books, magazines, and marketing/advertising purposes. I have worked both as the Art Director on the photo shoot and alongside the client’s Art Director. I also work closely with Gregory on the photography, making sure that the client is satisfied with the requested images.

Together: From 2003 to present, our photography has been displayed in print in over 216 books, booklets, catalogs, e-books, magazines, and museum publications. And over 500 of our images have been also been displayed in print for ads, brochures, quilt patterns, notecards, music CD covers, and highlighted in Web sites and social media platforms.

We have been regular photography contributors to five different quilt and textile magazines, and have provided marketing print and blog images for “Road to California Quilter’s Conference and Showcase” for 9 years. Additionally, we have been the “behind the scenes” photographers for “The Quilt Show featuring Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson” for 9 1/2 years.

We have taught various quilt, textile, and fiber art photography, Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, and travel/inspirational photography classes at 17 international conferences and 8 state/local guilds.

As commercial photographers, our goal is to complete the vision of the art director or client. With our personal, industrial, and travel images, we photograph what interests us but are always aware that our images only succeed when viewed and hopefully appreciated by the viewer, like you.

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