Who is Dianne S Hire?

Although enchantment with fabric, seems to have always been a part of my life, I began my quiltmaking journey in 1985.

Today, I look back at the development and exploration of my creative process. Even in 1985, the adapting of tradtional time honored designs and techniques was significant. Somehow, even then, I experimented, finding my own way, my own song, my own work within tactile dimensions. From that moment on, this became my Hard 'n' Fast Rule" Find out the rules and determine a way to break them.

I honor diversity. I celebrate new approaches. I challenge concepts. To stretch the rules and locate fresh boundaries is my desire. By approaching quiltmaking this way, I embrace technical skills while not allowing techniques to overshadow image.

I am a colorist who intuitively responds to the joyful way colors intermingle. I require vibracy to speak out but never shout -- yet boldly sing. That song is interpreted in fiber, strings, strong design and intense vitality of color.

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