Who is Deborah Louie?

About Deborah Louie Deborah's love of colour, sewing and textiles started when she was a young girl growing up in Sydney in the family textiles business which specialised in hand dyeing laces and beautiful fabrics.  Deborah studied colour and design at college before commencing work in the textile-printing industry but her true passion was found later when she spent time at home with her young family and fell in love with quilting. Deborah started her own domestic machine quilting business, quilting over 600 quilts for clients. This developed her skills in both traditional and contemporary quilt design and has led her to teaching her skills and sharing her passion for quilt making and mastering the sewing machine. Inspired by the river and natural bushland which surround her Sydney studio, Deborah makes unique quilts with the emphasis on colour, quilting texture and decorative stitch applique. Deborah designs quilts as beautiful pieces of textile decorative art to add to your home décor.

Some of Deborah’s highlights include: 

• Multiple award-winning quilts including first, second and third place awards in Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting Professional, Judges Choice awards, Machine Applique awards, and Best Contemporary Quilt awards. 
• Accreditation as a Special Techniques Tutor through Quilt NSW. 
• Ambassador for BERNINA Australia. 
• Columnist for Quilters Companion magazine for many years providing advice for domestic machine quilting and machine applique through written articles and highly popular instructional DVDs 
• Teaching since 2000 throughout Australia and New Zealand for symposiums, conventions, guilds, patchwork shops, Deborah Louie retreats and groups 
• Self-publishing many skill-building books and patterns on domestic machine quilting and machine applique based on award-winning, original-design quilts. 
• Producing online instructional classes for domestic machine quilting and machine applique, including ‘My Favourite BERNINA Features’. 
• Publishing Glamourous Clams BERNINA  Special Edition book

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