Who is Darra Williamson?

Darra (Duffy) Williamson, in her “substantial” career as a quilter, has won awards for both her quilts and her teaching; in 1989, she was named Professional Quilt Teacher of the Year. She has lectured, taught, and judged for guilds and at conferences all over the US, the UK, and on numerous quilting cruises; written a best-selling book on scrap quilts, another on (gasp!) Sunbonnet Sue (with her friend, Christine Porter), and countless magazine articles; and worked as editorial director for a major quilt-book publisher. She is currently a freelance editorial consultant, working with publishers, book packagers, authors, pattern designers, and fabric manufacturers to produce quality written materials for the quilting community. When not engaged in quilting, Darra can be found haunting independent book stores, volunteering with the library’s adult literacy program, enjoying Northern California’s beautiful coastline, obsessing over baseball and college hoops, and sporting the latest in her collection of outrageous socks

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