Who is Cyndi McChesney?

"Since 1979, I have been teaching quilters of all levels from beginners to those looking to challenge themselves with new techniques and skills." Cyndi McChesney loves teaching and tackles the challenges her students present her to come up with new and innovative lectures and classes.

Cedar Ridge Quilting is a one-woman operation dedicated to quilting education and the long arm finishing of your treasured quilt tops. Award Winning long arm quilter, Cyndi McChesney, works with each quilt maker to enhance the quilt top with the quilting designs.  Cyndi lives in Canon City, CO and is a quilt teacher, lecturer and presenter at First Stitches Quilt Shop in Canon City and guilds throughout Colorado and the US.

In 2011, Cyndi achieved the distinguished title of National Quilt Association Certified Teacher and in 2015 was presented the NQA Certified Teacher of the Year. She has won awards for her quilts in the Hoffman Challenge (2010), the Hoffman Challenge Traveling exhibits (2011-13), the Colorado State Fair (2009-2018), the 2013 NQA Annual Show, Quilt Colorado (2014) and in 2012 was one of three Invitational Exhibitors at Interquilt 2012 in Girona, Spain.

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